No More Wire Hangers

Clothes hangers don’t get any more beautiful than this. Velocity is now making these spiffy hangers out of scrap rims that didn’t meet its quality control standards. 

No More Wire Hangers

Maybe Joan Crawford was right when she threw a fit upon discovering wire hangers in her daughter’s closet. Come on, you know you have some cycling jackets and jerseys that should be draped on these beauties.

Each one is carefully crafted in Grand Rapids, Mich., out of a Velocity Deep V rim. The hook is made of two Velocity 14 gauge spokes, and affixed with two DT Swiss brass nipples. Each hanger is hand-cut, each hook is hand-bent. No mass production here.

When They’re Gone, They’re Gone

The company said the supply is limited. “These are time consuming to make, and frankly, when the riding season starts we’re just not going to have time to make more of these. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Maybe they’ll be back for 2015, but no guarantees,” Velocity said in a release.

You can get the clothes hangers individually or in four-packs and they’re also available at wholesale for dealers who want to sell them or use them for displays. Retail price $7.99 each or $27.99 for four-pack.